Red Clay Rally 2017 – Day 1

Published on Jul 12, 2017

In June 2017, Peach State Overland entered a three-vehicle, six-man team in the first annual Red Clay Rally, organized by Overland Tennessee. A three-day, overland themed, Monte Carlo style rally where each team attempts to get as close to the predetermined goal time for each day. Too quick, you loose points, too slow, you loose points. Follow along in our 3-part documentary as we drive through some of the most amazing areas of the South East.

Day 1 took us from Borla HQ in Johnson City, TN down through Boone, the Blue Ridge Pkwy and I-40, Hurricane Creek, and up to Dark Holler Offroad.

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Camera: Kevin Keegan and Patrick Metzger

Produced/Edited: Kevin Keegan (

Music: Epidemic Sound (

#PSOMDW17 Recap

Published on June 9, 2017

a quick clip of the annual 2017 Memorial Day Weekend trip that we took up through the Nantahala National Forest.

Camera work and edits by Steven Sorensen.
~ Music: “Fireflies and Stardust” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

MMMR2016 Recap

Published on Aug 29, 2016

ALS has affected nearly all of Peach State Overland’s members, including one in particular, Steven’s cousin Mikey Post. He is currently battling the disease and PSO wanted to give back. This is a recap of Mikey’s Minions Mountain Ride 2016 held in Talladega National Forest in Alabama. An event we hope to hold annually, to raise money and awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease affects our body’s ability to control its muscles, ultimately leading to death. Researchers are making progress and every donation helps. Thank you to all who joined us at this event and donating to this cause.

Camera work by Kevin Keegan and Patrick Metzger
Edited by Kevin Keegan
~Music: “Memories” and “Happy Rock” by
Licensed under the Creative Commons License.

Trailer – Journey to Moab

Published on May 30, 2016
For Memorial Day, we are releasing the first trailer of our upcoming docu-series of our trip to Moab, Utah this past spring.

After a year of route planning and truck preparations, Peach State Overland member’s Steven, Patrick, Dan, and Kevin embarked on a first time journey of this size. Traveling across the country in their overland-built rigs to explore one of the most scenic areas of the country Moab, Utah and surrounding areas. Please enjoy a glimpse of what’s to come and share in the drive to explore that brings us all together at PSO.

Music: Journey Beyond By Dmitri Belichenko
Produced by Patrick Metzger and Kevin Keegan
Edited by Kevin Keegan
Camera Work by Kevin Keegan and Patrick Metzger

NGDDORC Memorial Day Ride 2016 Teaser

Published on May 16, 2016
Got Memorial Day weekend plans? We just completed scouting for ours and we hope you’ll join us! We’re heading out to join the Facebook Group “North Georgia Daily Driver Offroad” on their annual Memorial Day ride up to Prentice Cooper State Park. Check it out and join NGDDOR on Facebook for the full itinerary!

Music: “Summertime”, by: #JacksonCountyLine

Peach State Overland rides with Earthbound Overland

Published on May 10, 2016
What’s better than a little Sunday Drive? A Sunday Drive with friends! Here’s a little look-back at this weekend’s day ride with our friends from @EarthboundOverland! @bkspoverland @boldoverland

Music by: #JacksonCountyLine “San Francisco”

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Peach State Overland Goes To Windrock Jan 2016

Published on Feb 20, 2016

Back in October, we picked up an almanac and picked one of the best weekends in Jan for snow. This is what happened…

Peach State Overland Goes To Prentice Cooper

Published on Jan 17, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2015. We met for lunch at the Pizza Shack, and then headed to Chattanooga for a ride!

Peach State Overland Goes To Talladega National Forest

Published on Jan 6, 2016

Peach State Overland goes to Talladega National Forest in Alabama. Dec 26, 2015.

Peach State Overland Goes To Little River Canyon Alabama 11-28-15

Published on Nov 29, 2015

This was a quick weekend trip for a group of us from Peach State Overland, as well as a few other friends including Overland USA, to Littler River Canyon in Alabama. These are some easy trails with a few pretty awesome river crossings that made for a great relaxing day out in the woods.

Thanks to everyone who came out!!