Producing Journey To Moab – Behind the Scenes with Kevin Keegan

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We’ve been on the road for a little over 3 hours today as we’ve made our way up 24 from Capitol Reef National Park with a quick stop at Goblin Valley—our final destination for the day is a campsite near Rainbow Terrace Trail just north of Canyonlands. I haven’t truly showered in 3 days, unless you call wet wipes a viable alternative—I do not. All I can hear is the gravel grinding beneath my all-terrain’s and the squeaks of my dirt packed bushings as I weave in and out of the leading vehicle’s dust trails. Ahead of me is Steven, Patrick, and Dan in their 4runner’s. I’ve turned down my CB as the chatter is just a little too much … Read More

GOXPLOR4x4 – Dan’s 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD

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The GOXPLOR4x4, a 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD, is Dan’s 3rd Overland Build which is sort of why it’s known as GO-X3. Purchased in late March, 2016, it only took the PSO team and him about 48 hours to take this 2008 4Runner from bone-stock to Moab-ready. The #PSO2MOAB2016 trip began exactly one week after Dan purchased the truck, so we had to move fast. As Dan’s experience and passion for overlanding has grown, he’s learned a lot about building and maintaining a proper overland vehicle; it’s much more involved than maintaining a regular commuter vehicle and this was officially the first build that we all had a hand in as a team. The entire crew was involved, helping select everything from … Read More