GOXPLOR4x4 – Dan’s 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD

Dan BolesVehicles

The GOXPLOR4x4, a 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD, is Dan’s 3rd Overland Build which is sort of why it’s known as GO-X3. Purchased in late March, 2016, it only took the PSO team and him about 48 hours to take this 2008 4Runner from bone-stock to Moab-ready. The #PSO2MOAB2016 trip began exactly one week after Dan purchased the truck, so we had to move fast. As Dan’s experience and passion for overlanding has grown, he’s learned a lot about building and maintaining a proper overland vehicle; it’s much more involved than maintaining a regular commuter vehicle and this was officially the first build that we all had a hand in as a team. The entire crew was involved, helping select everything from … Read More