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  1. interested and havent been on the traverse. but one question, if i’m doing the saturday run, will there be routes where i can get back on the main road if i needed to leave during a time frame at the end of a trail? or how does the one day work?

    1. Cie lo, Yep there are plenty of places to hop off the route if needed. Generally each trail is connected with pavement routes in between them, but if you let us know when you would need to leave we can estimate where you would be at that time based on our scouting (we captured the times for the entire scouting run but of course with a group we’ll be slower). There are some trails that are significantly longer than others, so you may want to skip starting a trail depending on when you would need to leave.

      I hope that answers your question, but please let us know if it did not. Thank you!

  2. I’d love to attend, burning can’t go on Saturday due to a family event that can’t be missed. How would it work if I went on Sunday? Thanks!

    1. Hey Marcello,

      If you wanted to meet us at camp on Sunday morning that would work out pretty well. We’ll be camping towards the base of Dicks Creek on a nearby trail (not off of Dicks Creek). If you decide you can make it, once you sign up let us know and I’ll send you the exact coordinates to camp on Day 1 so you can meet us there in the morning. We intend to leave around 10am on Sunday morning for that day’s trails. Hope you can make it!!

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