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Piggy Patch Fund Patch

Win a Rare Morale Patch & Support ALS Research

Here at Peach State Overland, we hold compassion for others as a priority. It is one of our core values. As many of you already know we are active supporters of the Georgia ALS Association, and for the past two years have designated our end-of-Summer Expedition as a benefit ride to raise funds for the cause. As we continue our Annual Summer Funding Drive for the GA ALS Association, DaddyBadger Dan has donated a prized piggy patch from his personal collection to be auctioned off as a fundraiser.

About ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease):

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control muscle movement. It’s a progressive, neurodegenerative disease and is currently 100% fatal. It robs you of your ability to walk, talk, and eventually breathe. Those diagnosed with ALS have a life expectancy of 2-5 years. Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed and someone passes away. There is currently no cure. For more information, please visit the ALS Website and read this helpful infographic.

About the Piggy Patch:

You’re bidding on a limited edition “Piggy Patch Fund” velcro-backed patch and matching, velcro-backed wooden penny coin, issued number 124/200. The patches were designed and produced by our friend Greg Muzila at GZila Designs, who is an avid supporter of the Overland Community.

Piggy Patch Fund Patch

Piggy Patch Fund velcro-backed patch and matching velcro-backed wooden penny coin

Auction Info:

There is no reserve and there is no limit for how high the bids can go on this patch. As of the start of this auction, we’re $200 short of our fundraising goal. The #PSO2CureALS Ride a couple weeks ago raised just over $800 and we’re looking to cross the $1,000 mark this year. Is that crazy? Maybe. But we know the cause is worth every penny we can raise. Scientific research gets closer to finding markers, links, and clues to solving this heartbreaking disease every year, and we know from personal experience how awful it is to witness someone suffering from ALS. We can only imagine the suffering from the other side of the diagnosis.

Click HERE TO BID NOW, or click on the picture above.

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