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  • PSO Partner: CVT - Cascadia Vehicle Tents

    Bend, OR // Chattanooga, TN

  • We’ve always had a great amount of respect and admiration for Bobby, and the entire CVT Family. Patrick was the first in the group to purchase a tent from CVT a couple years ago, followed soon after by Dan. Both Patrick and Dan were impressed with the quality and durability of the tents. After being approached by a couple of other tent and awning manufacturers in the summer of 2016, we conducted some research and analysis and decided as a team we’d prefer to work with CVT and our first official partnership was born. We’re humbled to partner with one of the leaders in the Overland Industry as we share the pursuit of overland adventure throughout the Peach State and beyond, sharing our travels with our followers.

    CVT is not a faceless company from some place you have never heard of. It’s a family-owned company that shares our passion to live life to the fullest and pursue a passion for the outdoors. They have two showrooms located in Bend, OR. and Chattanooga, TN.

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    Rep: Blake Harlow
    (205) 799-1192

  • Dometic helps you meet your essential needs on the trip. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and much more. Started by two brothers with an ingeniously simply idea – a battery-powered refrigerator. This flash of brilliance laid the foundations for WAECO. The benefits of their creativity are now enjoyed by outdoor people everywhere. WAECO is now part of Dometic.

    Our Dometic fridge/freezers are often times the star of our adventures. Whether it’s reaching-in to grab a cold one when you get to camp, or grabbing a frozen treat for the kids at a scenic stop along the way, our Dometic makes traveling that much more awesome. Makes getting the milk home from the grocery store a lot more fun too.

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  • PSO Partner: GAS - Greer Automotive ServicesGREER AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES
    Woodstock, GA
    (678) 540-7131

  • An independent, family-owned auto repair service for everyone, GAS understands how important a vehicle is to its owner. ASE Master Certified, passionate about the work and service they complete and committed to always doing the right thing, GAS treats its customers just like family and maintains one of the cleanest shops we’ve ever seen. GAS offers an extensive knowledge of vehicle care and maintenance for every type of driver, from soccer moms to daily commuters, to weekend warriors and overlanders who enjoy the challenge of getting off pavement. They also share our passion for the great outdoors and quality components which vehicles like ours require.

    Greer Automotive Servies is a true first-class business, and their owner Patrick Greer is a first-class business owner. The employees at GAS offer a wealth of knowledge for all your service and maintenance needs. Check them out.

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  • SARCRAFT Survival
    Canton, GA
    (770) 845-4331

  • SARCRAFT is an outdoor skills school near Canton, Georgia. Specializing in the areas of wilderness survival, bushcraft, and search & rescue training/consulting, they are our exclusive training partner for ongoing education in outdoor skills and surviving the most extreme conditions. Trained and certified at the highest levels of the search & rescue field, with several decades of experience between them, we consider ourselves fortunate to have Alex and J.J. as part of the PSO Family.

    They offer classes regularly for the general public, and also classes designed specifically for youth.

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    Marietta, GA
    (678) 360-1862

  • If you’ve seen any of our video production work, you’ve seen what Woodlot Media is capable of. An exceptional team-member and partner in our journeys, Kevin and his team from Woodlot Media have provided Peach State Overland with exceptional camera work and end-to-end production since we first got started. He constantly blows us away with his ability to capture the real story and produce a product we are all extremely proud of.

    Like the joy Kevin felt making his first film, Woodlot’s purpose is to create something that doesn’t simply fulfill their needs, but something that they’ll enjoy.

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  • XenonDepot
    Atlanta, GA

    (231) 239-8900

  • Xenon Depot is an adventure oriented lighting company that we proudly run in all of our rigs.

    They have a tried and true system that has proven reliability and longevity in overland travel that is sure to keep the road ahead of your adventures well lit so you don’t miss a moment of the excitement.

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