• August 8 2020 Overland Social MeetupSAT. AUG. 8, 2020
    11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


    The PSO Team is working hard to create a family-friendly, social-distance friendly, awesome event that can grow over time into an event that celebrates getting outdoors to #GOXPLOR any way possible … whether it’s by land, by air, or by water…

    So, for August, we’re gonna have a little Overland Social (Distance) Party at a small regional airport and the kids (and kids-at-heart) are gonna love it! There is an awesome “petting zoo” of airplanes for everyone to check out and enjoy. Plus, we’re working on bringing in a few food trucks and product vendors to bring you some great deals and demos.

    Gear for sale/swap? Great! Bring it! We love when our PSOFam brings gear to sale/swap. 🙂

    We’ll have color-coded wrist bands and hand sanitizer for everyone when you arrive. Check out the color-codes below to learn what each means. Masks are encouraged, however not provided – please BYO Masks.

    Wristband Color Code:
    RED = Hi! I’m keeping my distance.
    YELLOW = Okay with talking but not touching.
    GREEN = Okay with hugs and high-fives.

    VENDORS (Food Trucks, Partners, & Outdoor/Overland Outfitters): if you are interested in having a booth/tent/display/demo at this event, please contact Dan for more info at dan@peachstateoverland.com.

    We can’t wait to see everyone. share this event in your networks and encourage your fellow outdoor enthusiasts to join us!


  • PSO2CureALS 2020 
    August 14-16, 2020
    This is our annual charity ride where we join together in the fight to cure ALS! Your donations are greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to riding with you all on the trails. This year’s route is being developed now so stay tuned on here and our facebook group as we finalize the details. 

  • 2020 Georgia Bushcraft Gathering

    Georgia Bushcraft 2020 Gathering 
    November 6-8, 2020
    Sign up:
    Join us in this one of a kind event! We will be teaching Vehicle Recovery and Vehicle Electrical 101 classes, there are tons of other buschraft/overland classes being offered, hands on activities, and down right good people make this a must go to event! Make sure to use the link above to register for a special welcome gift!