National Hammock Day – Kevin

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  Eventually, I bit the bullet and purchased a Warbonnet Blackbird, specifically a Double Layer 1.7, which refers to the hammock having two layers of 1.7oz/70 denier woven nylon. This allows for a higher weight capacity and also the ability to more easily slip in a sleeping pad between the layers if you choose to go that route; more on that later. I chose this one because of several features; an integrated bugnet, easy to use webbing suspension, impeccable quality, but more importantly the inclusion of what Warbonnet calls the footbox and the storage shelf. The former, is an extension of fabric that lowers the height of your legs allowing a flatter “lay” when properly positioned in a hammock, which … Read More

Base Camp: Our Favorite Winter Drinks – Feb 2017

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The trucks are parked. Base camp is set up. If we’re lucky, we’re in an area where fires are allowed and there’s a nice one roaring. It’s time to settle into our favorite camp chair with a drink, tell some tall tales, and dwell on the day’s adventures. It’s quite possibly the best part of our trips, the time we get to spend together as friends, around the fire, away from the hustle and bustle of this face-paced, dog-eat-dog world, social media, politics, and noise that has become part of everyday life in America.

Peach State Overland’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Every year our families ask us for gift ideas for the holidays and we know its not an easy task sifting through products to find the perfect one. This year we have put together some of our favorites and we hope that this list can help you narrow down your search. Happy Holidays! Image Source: By: Dan W. Boles By: Steven Sorensen By: Kevin Winskey By: Patrick Metzger By: Kevin Keegan This gift was a hard one to justify, but now that I have one, I love it! The Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Mug. I have the 450mL ($49.95), but they also come in 300mL and 600mL sizes, and use it on every single trip. At 4.2 oz … Read More