Smokey Mountain Disaster Relief Run

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As many of you know the the Smoky Mountain region around the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area has recently sustained substantial damage from wildfires. To help out this area that is so near and dear to many of us, we are gathering donations from now through Thursday Dec 8th to bring up there. We will be bringing these up to a donation drop in Gatlinburg on Friday Dec. 9th as another wave of support for the region. By next weekend, many of the donation needs will be used to support the folks who have lost everything with their homes and are currently living in the local shelters, per our conversations with TEMA.

Vogel State Park – Chattahoochee National Forest

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Located about 60 miles north of Atlanta near the small town of Helen lies the gateway to mountains and my favorite destination. With the amazing winding roads and breath taking mountain views all around, Vogel State Park is my favorite destination when I’m out on my ADV bike. The park is made up of 233 Acres including Lake Trahlyta at the entrance. An interesting fact, Vogel was one of the first 2 parks created in GA when the state’s park system was founded in 1931. The campgrounds include RV sites, tent sites, primitive camping sites, and cabin options, most of which include electricity and running water.  When I camp on the ADV bike, I carry as much water as I … Read More

Pacaure Rain Forest in Costa Rica

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Adventure is about doing things you would not normally do and pushing the boundaries of your comfort for that rush of excitement that comes along with the unknown. My wife and I got married 8 years ago and we decided to take a trip to Costa Rica for our honeymoon. While by definition not an Overlanding trip, we spent 10 days seeking adventure in a country very different from the United State. When greeted with the countries saying “Pura Vida” (the pure life) you begin to understand that the principle of Overlanding is the lifestyle lived in this Central American country. Being a very modest country, tourism and exports are the primary source of revenue. You can also find a … Read More

The Cohutta Wilderness

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We’ve done a lot of traveling as a group in Peach State Overland, with a majority of it in the southeast and some of it beyond. But I want to take it back to our home state, the peach state—Georgia. We have quite a bit of wild land in the northern region of our state, one of these areas is the Cohutta Wilderness. The Cohutta contains 37,000 acres of land rich with trees, rivers, lakes, and wildlife that play host to a variety of outdoor activities. I first visited the Cohutta on a trip I had planned that traversed the state of Georgia using as little paved roads as possible. We used routes that were laid out by Dave at … Read More

Peach State Overland’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Every year our families ask us for gift ideas for the holidays and we know its not an easy task sifting through products to find the perfect one. This year we have put together some of our favorites and we hope that this list can help you narrow down your search. Happy Holidays! Image Source: By: Dan W. Boles By: Steven Sorensen By: Kevin Winskey By: Patrick Metzger By: Kevin Keegan This gift was a hard one to justify, but now that I have one, I love it! The Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Mug. I have the 450mL ($49.95), but they also come in 300mL and 600mL sizes, and use it on every single trip. At 4.2 oz … Read More

Kevin’s 2012 Xterra Pro-4x: “Big Blue”

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The need for a spacious and capable vehicle centers around my main drive in life—to create stories through video and photos. While I’ve had many trucks and SUVs in my garage, i’m currently driving a 2012 Nissan Xterra PRO-4X. It’s a capable machine built on a time-tested body-on-frame chassis and reliable powertrain. Since my needs involve toting around lots of camera and support gear to various and sometimes hard to get to locations, the truck lends itself naturally to overlanding as well. My first foray off-road, as well as one of my first introductions to fellow Peach State Overland member, Steven, took place on a trip to Tray Mountain in Georgia two or so years ago. The trip was fun … Read More

GOXPLOR4x4 – Dan’s 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD

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The GOXPLOR4x4, a 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD, is Dan’s 3rd Overland Build which is sort of why it’s known as GO-X3. Purchased in late March, 2016, it only took the PSO team and him about 48 hours to take this 2008 4Runner from bone-stock to Moab-ready. The #PSO2MOAB2016 trip began exactly one week after Dan purchased the truck, so we had to move fast. As Dan’s experience and passion for overlanding has grown, he’s learned a lot about building and maintaining a proper overland vehicle; it’s much more involved than maintaining a regular commuter vehicle and this was officially the first build that we all had a hand in as a team. The entire crew was involved, helping select everything from … Read More

Steven’s 2013 4Runner Trail: “Rudy”

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   #4RunnerRudy I began my overlanding journey back in early 2014 and at the time I had a 2 wheel drive ’07 Toyota Tundra that I bottomed out going over some minor obstacles on my first trip off-road. Add to that, struggling to drive home in Atlanta’s 2013 “Snow-Pocalipse” and I decided that it was time for an upgrade. Like many of us I spent countless hours researching vehicles, and all that I knew was that I wanted something I could afford, that was reliable, and had a short enough wheel base that it wouldn’t bottom out again on a simple obstacle. With those far-too-simple constraints in mind, I started the search and eventually decided the 5th Gen 4Runner was the way to … Read More

Patrick’s 2007 4Runner Sport Edition: “The Black Pearl”

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The Black Pearl Typically, you would expect to see a Toyota 4runner cruising around the suburbs of Atlanta carrying kids to a sporting event, packed full of groceries, or out at local shopping spots, it is rare to see one traversing terrain found in the sweetest dreams of Bear Grylls. I’m Patrick Metzger, the co-founder of Peach State Overland, and I love exploring the great National Forests of the South from Point Washington State Forest in Florida, to Talladega National Forest in Alabama, to the Uwharrie National Forest and most everywhere in between. I enjoy getting lost in the vast spaces of the wilderness. While I consider my 2007 Toyota 4runner (affectionately named “Black Pearl”) a moderate build, it is … Read More