Why We Ride

About Us

Danny Boles

Marketing Director
Story Teller
Trail Guide

Click to see build info for Dan's 4Runner.
Camping, dirt roads, & the outdoors are long-standing staples in Danny’s life; growing up in the Tennessee Valley provided plenty of opportunities to enjoy them. His passion for the outdoors solidified when he joined the boy scouts. It was there that he first learned about Leave No TraceSurvival Skills, and a broadened appreciation for outdoor adventure. At 16 he earned the keys to the family car, a 1989 Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon with a manual transmission. It didn’t take long for Danny to test out 4-Lo for the first time and begin exploring the outdoors in a whole new way. Regrettably, adulting often means less time to get outside and pursue adventure, which was very much the case for Danny in his mid-20's to mid 30's, but eventually, he recognized the deep call of the woods beckoning him to come home again and re-connect with nature. In 2014, Danny discovered Overlanding and that rekindled a passion he almost forgot he had. Now as a father of three, he loves passing on his love for camping, dirt roads, and the outdoors to his kids, and hopes to one day teach other families how to enjoy Overlanding as well. In addition to his role here at PSO, Danny is also a Financial Advisor and Sales Manager for a local independent firm called GracePoint Insurance & Financial Services, and he’s also the sole owner of our sister company, Expedition Georgia, which rents off-grid trailers and rooftop tents.

Patrick Metzger

Production Support

2007 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition

Patrick’s interest in the outdoors and driving began at the age of 11. He lived in Savannah, GA but spent a lot of time with his grandparents who lived right outside of the Army Base, Fort Stewart. He learned to drive in a 1986 Nissan 4x4 hardbody in the backwoods of Fort Stewart. He also enjoyed hunting and fishing, but it wasn’t until 2005 when he moved to the Northern suburbs of Atlanta, that he began developing a serious passion for being outdoors. Patrick and his Dad got into hiking and have since hiked most of the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail and hiked and camped on many of the trails in the Cohutta Wilderness. After starting his family in 2009 and expanding it in 2013, he knew it was time to transition his passion into a more family oriented outdoor activity. Enter Overlanding. Patrick met Steven in 2006, and after a few months of just working together, they began hanging out outside of work. During this time, Patrick owned a 1999 Jeep Wrangler with a 7” lift on 36” tires. Patrick was hooked on the outdoor lifestyle. Between 2012-2014 Patrick and Steven met and developed friendships with the remaining team members and decided to start Peach State Overland. Along with support on filming for the crew, Patrick utilizes his operational background to organize the group. He currently oversees the filming strategy in a close partnership with Kevin Keegan, sets the strategic vision for the group, and leads content development for the Blog.

Steven Sorensen

Chief Navigator
Trail Guide
Tech & Communications

As a kid you could always find Steven in the woods exploring what to him at the time was unknown mysteries. He's always had a particular love for nature and all of the wonders that it has to offer. Some of his fondest memories come from the times spent with his father exploring the woods and camping in a tree house that his dad had built for them. For him, getting into overlanding really has been like tapping back into his roots, into the things that he always loved but lost sight of for some years as he was "growing up". Now as an adult, he gets to camp in his new "tree house" on top of his truck and see remote locations that most people only ever see in pictures or movies. It truly is therapeutic for him to get out there, explore new places and end the days with great friends around a campfire.

Andrew Yun


Overland has been a recent passion of Andrews. In 2016 Andrew watched a Youtube Overlanding Channel, and the very next day he traded in his luxury vehicle for a neglected, but a gem, 2006 Tacoma and dove head first into the world of Overlanding. What Andrew loves most about the hobby is the ability to engineer, design, and build his ideas. This love of transforming his dreams into a reality is something that has always been in him. Since childhood, Andrew has always been a tinkerer. Taking apart anything he could get his hands on, just to find out how it works (although sometimes he couldn’t get it back together...like his dads TV...sorry Dad!). Andrew earned his degree in mechanical engineering and he has taken the knowledge and experiences he has gained along the way, to build his dream overland vehicle. Being the engineer that he is, if he can’t find a commercially available item that he likes, no problem, he will build it himself!

Core Values

  • Connecting Our Community

    We want to be a team that connects with the overlanding community and strives to bring us all together.

  • Respecting All People

    Respect is at the core of what we do. For the people, and the places that we come in contact with we believe that we must maintain the utmost respect in order to fulfill all of our other values.

  • Preserving Our Passion

    We are strong proponents of responsible overlanding, and as you can see in our Trail Etiquette section below we do our best to emulate this.

  • Giving Back to Our Community

    We are passionate about doing our part to help both the overlanding community, and various charitable organizations.

  • Engaging Our Community

    We want to do everything that we can to be out and riding/engaging with the overlanding community. This is what it’s all about. Meeting new people, exploring new places, and making lasting friendships along the way feels like another way to define "overlanding" to us.

  • Mentoring Our Community

    We want to be able to share our experiences with the community, so that together we can all expand our knowledge and grow together. We're all "practicing overlanding" together, so why not share some knowledge and speed up the learning curve for each other.

Trail Etiquette

Enforced Trail Etiquette:

  • Do not drink and drive

    This is strictly enforced within our team, and will be on any public rides that we host. We are impassioned about "preserving our passion" and you simply cannot do that when drinking alcohol regardless of how well you think you drive.

  • Pack out what you pack in

    Do not leave trash on the trail or at a campground unless it is left in a location designated for trash disposal. Additionally, try to clean up after others if possible when you are cleaning up after yourself so you leave the place cleaner than when you got there.

  • Fire restrictions

    If a fire is desired use existing fire rings, or clear a 10' circle of consumable debris to prevent possible fire jumping; only fallen wood or dead trees should be used to create a campfire. Also make sure a campfire has been put out prior to the end of the night, we suggest water, but dirt can be used if there is no available water.

  • Respect other people

    On the trail, be sure to always consider what impact your actions have on others in the area, and of course future travelers

Recommended Trail Etiquette:

  • Take care of your rig

    Do not do anything that may damage your vehicle while on the trails, and do your best to maintain it before getting on the trails to prevent mechanical failures.

  • Stick to the trail

    Do not create new routes whenever possible

  • Know where you are

    Be aware of your surroundings, bring a map, and know how to use it