2019 Shamrock Shootout

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An exclusive overland adventure unlike any other. 

This Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend, join the PSO crew for the 2019 Shamrock Shootout, a weekend filled with caverns, clays, and camping. So pack your camping gear and cameras, fuel up your rig, and lets #GOXPLOR together! But hurry; there are only 8 vehicles allowed on this trip.

This 3 day, 2 night tag-along through Talladega National Forest is a 2-3 hour drive from the Greater Atlanta area. For safety, security, and conservation reasons, we will not be revealing the route publicly. Participants will receive a detailed itinerary for the weekend after registration and payment. Unlike our Fall Color Run, there will not be a single basecamp for this trip – we will be bush camping in two different areas, and both are very rugged and remote with little/no cell phone signal, no offshore power, etc.

Single Vehicle Registration Fee: $269 – limited to 8 spots

Registration includes admission for one vehicle, driver, and one passenger, PSO Guide service, as well as t-shirts, clay shooting range fees, and one meal ticket for each person registered with vehicle. Additional passengers can be registered for an additional fee. Registration also includes camping for two nights; maximum 2 tents or 1 trailer per camping site. If you need additional space for your party, please indicate so in the comments section during registration and a team member will follow up with you to discuss.

Add-Ons & Options:

  • Extra passengers, ages 10+: $20-25 each depending on shirt size (9 and under are free).
  • Two-Way Handheld Radio Rental: $20; refunded upon return of radio.
  • Clay Shooting: All gun rentals or ammunition sales will be handled at the range on a per-person basis. Ammo is approx. $40, Shotgun Rental is approx. $20. Rentals can be shared by up to 2 people. You are also welcome to bring your own shotgun/ammo with appropriate identification. Children are permitted to shoot as long as they are accompanied by a person 18 years or older.
  • 1-hour Cavern Tour: $20-25 each, handled at the caverns on a per-person basis.


Who is Peach State Overland?
Peach State Overland is an expedition adventure team and overland guide service operated by team members of the Peach State Overland video series on YouTube. Since 2014, they have produced 20+ webisodes documenting their adventures, including their 2016 expedition #PSO2Moab, their 2017 expedition #PSO2OBX, the 1st Annual Red Clay Rally, and their annual #PSO2CureALS Charity Rides. They’ve logged an estimated 50,000 miles of adventures combined, across the United States, and now you have the chance to join them.

What is the Shamrock Shootout all about?
The Shamrock Shootout is a guided tag-along adventure that highlights overlanding and life in the Modern South. If you’ve ever picked up a copy of “Garden & Gun” magazine and thought, this looks like fun, you’ll love this trip! Packed full of adventure, the weekend features opportunities to enjoy spelunking, clay shooting, overlanding through backroads and byways of Alabama with multiple photo opportunities along breathtaking overlooks, waterfalls, and backcountry scenery. You bring your vehicle and camping gear, shotgun & shells (rentals also available), and we guide you through the weekend.

I’ve never been overlanding before; should I sign up?
Yes, we love introducing new people to overlanding. Just think of it as a road trip, mixed in with some glamping, good friends, good food, camp fires, and an experience that you’ll never forget. Trips like this one are perfect opportunities to dip your toe in the “overlanding” pond.

How does a Guided Tag-along Work?
A guided tag-along operates much like a military convoy. We all drive in a single line as a group. Peach State Overland will provide a lead vehicle, a Sweeper/Tail vehicle, and sometimes depending on the convoy size, a Marshall vehicle. Each PSO vehicle has a specific role in helping the convoy safely traverse through the route, always looking out for each other during the entire trip. Communication is managed using GMRS/FRS radios. Handheld radios are available for rental if you do not have your own.

Do I need to have experience using 4WD?
No, we’ll help walk you through your time with us. Guests with very little or no off road driving experience should expect to leave feeling confident in their new skill set.

Can I drive a stock 4WD vehicle?
Yes, we encourage stock rigs. These trips should be the testing ground for discovering a need for equipment or testing what you already have. If you have a specific question about whether your vehicle is capable of handling the terrain for this event, please contact us directly before registering.

My vehicle is AWD, is that the same thing? 
No. AWD is absolutely NOT the same as 4WD. We highly encourage true, 4-Lo equipped vehicles over AWD vehicles for off road and overland applications. While AWD technology has vastly improved and is quite impressive in on-road applications, it often suffers and/or becomes a liability offroad. If you have a specific question about whether your vehicle is capable of handling the terrain for this event, please contact us directly before registering.

I have a full-size truck, will it fit?
Yes… but… based on your vehicle’s width you might leave with some scratches, bumps and bruises. Most of the trails on this ride are more open than our other events and expeditions, but there are going to be some tights spots. If you’re not comfortable with bumps, bruises, and tree stripes, this isn’t the trip for you.

What about trailers; can I pull a trailer on this trip? 
Smaller, off-grid/offroad/overland style trailers are welcome, as long as the trailer is 5 x 10 or smaller. We do not recommend pulling anything larger than 5 x 10, nor anything that that you wouldn’t want to get scratched. We also recommend only trailers with high ground clearance, 3500# or higher rated axles, and larger wheels/tires to accomodate for the rougher backroads. In other words, this isn’t suitable for grandma’s RV or a rental unit.

Is there power available at camp? 
No shore power available on this one. BYOP! 🙂

What do I need to pack?
We’ve got you covered. Each guest will receive a comprehensive packing list prior to the trip.

Are my passengers free?
Vehicle registration includes up to two people, but additional passengers will require a fee. We put much thought into this, and ultimately decided the best way to keep the cost of this event as low as possible, while being fair to all participants, is to charge additional fees for each passenger above the 2-person limit, ages 10 and up. Kids 9 and under are always free at PSO events.

What about Kids? And Pets?
This is absolutely a family-friendly, pet-friendly atmosphere and event. We only ask that pets be leashed, and kids too… if necessary. 😉 Please note, for safety reasons, we do restrict the mini-courses (if/when offered) to participants ages 10 & up; children ages 9 and under will not be permitted in the mini-courses. But, pro-tip – if they are well-behaved, Daddy Badger (Dan) usually keeps frozen treats in his Dual Zone Dometic Fridge/Freezer, and he loves to give them away.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?
Cancellations received before 11:59 PM on Friday, March 8, 2019 will be refunded 50%. Cancellations received after 11:59 PM on Friday, March 8, 2019 will not be refunded. Peach State Overland reserves the right to cancel or alter any trip or event at any time, for any reason. Peach State Overland will determine if any refund is due if this action occurs.

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