GOXPLOR4x4 – Dan’s 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD

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GOXPLOR4x4: 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD: “GO-X3”

The GOXPLOR4x4, a 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD, is Dan’s 3rd Overland Build which is sort of why it’s known as GO-X3. Purchased in late March, 2016, it only took the PSO team and him about 48 hours to take this 2008 4Runner from bone-stock to Moab-ready. The #PSO2MOAB2016 trip began exactly one week after Dan purchased the truck, so we had to move fast.

As Dan’s experience and passion for overlanding has grown, he’s learned a lot about building and maintaining a proper overland vehicle; it’s much more involved than maintaining a regular commuter vehicle and this was officially the first build that we all had a hand in as a team. The entire crew was involved, helping select everything from the vehicle, to the lift, accessories, and more. It continues to evolve as we use it, make adjustments, develop relationships in the overland/outdoors industry, etc.!

As our Marketing/PR guy, Dan has the gift of gab anyway, but everywhere he goes the truck is a conversation starter and together they are a great asset in helping us introduce new people to the overland community and lifestyle.

Current Setup for the GOXPLOR4x4:

Front Lift: 2.5″ Toytec “TRD Pro lift” from ToyTec Lifts, which pairs Bilstein 6112 shocks and Radflo adjustable coilovers.
Rear Lift: 3″ Dobinsons Long Travel Springs (Black, 677V) paired with Bilstein 5100 shocks.
Tires: BFGoodrich KO2‘s, Tire Size: 285/70R17, Spacers: 1.25″ Spidertrax
Wheels: OEM Alloys from a 5th Gen 4Runner Trail Edition (7-spoke)
Roof Rack: Prinsu Designs Rack, powder-coated black.
Tent: CVT Mt. St. Helens Hard Top
Awning: CVT 79″ Awning, Summit Series, Grey
Rock Sliders: C4 Fabrication Rock Sliders, with DOM tubing and custom step plates, which I also had coated with Bullet Liner at Bullet Liner Marietta.
Miscellaneous: Deleted mud flaps; trimmed front bumper; pushed in front fender liners; painted factory skids with Rustoleum’s High Performance Enamel Gloss, Safety Red; Converted Fog Lights to Amber LEDs;

Dan’s List of Recommended Tools/Gear:

I recommend carrying a few tools and recovery gear in your rig. I use the following… 
– A toolbox with the necessary tools for repairs to your rig and recovery gear. I use 2 Rigid Boxes from Home Depot. One for tools, and the other for recovery gear (straps, d-rings, snatch blocks, etc.).
Krazy Beaver Super Shovel.
– Recovery Boards – none of them are “perfect” but avoid the cheap knock offs.
– ARB Tire Repair Kit.
– First Aid Kit – Check out Second Chance Med.
– Fire Extenguisher – at least 5Gal. I recommend Integrity Extinguishers. Don will take care of you.
– Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack – I picked up my 48″ Hi-Lift from Southeast Overland.
Trasharoo – Leave No Trace means no trace. Pack it in, pack it out.


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GO-X1 was a 2000 Land Rover D2 – also known as “LORRY“.
GO-X2 was a 2003 Land Rover D2 – also known as “IGGY“.
GO-X3 is a 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD – also known as “Black Betty”

Revision History:

  • updated 4/1/2017 – added Phase 2, updated recommended gear.
  • updated 9/1/2017 – updated RTT & roofrack
  • updated 1/9/2018 – updated rear springs, wheels, tires.
GOXPLOR4x4 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WDGOXPLOR4x4 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WDGOXPLOR4x4 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WDGOXPLOR4x4 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD